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Shaping Futures, Transforming Lives

Join us on this journey through our stories of success and discover the tangible difference we've made in the lives of these young women and girls. Together, we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Over 14 Years of Empowering Change

For over 14 years, Y-TEENS VI INC has been dedicated to transforming lives. We've proudly touched the lives of over 250 young women and girls through our program.
Girls at a conference

A 99% Success Story

We're not just making promises; we're delivering results. A staggering 99% of our program graduates have not only completed high school but have also emerged as student and community leaders.
Girls problem solving as a team

Fueling Academic Excellence

Our influence extends far beyond commencement. These remarkable young women have excelled in their studies and secured admission to renowned colleges and universities, proving the depth of their achievements.
A coding class led by a female instructor

Fostering Future Leaders

We're particularly proud of their achievements in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Our graduates are not just succeeding; they're shaping the future in these critical areas.

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Inspiring Stories of Transformation

Discover the personal journeys of our young women who have blossomed into confident leaders.
Makeda-Elizabeth Cabey portrait
I have been a member since elementary school, starting in activities in Y-TEENS VI from age 5. Now, as a college freshman, I am grateful for the experiences I have been a part of over these ten-plus years and understand the value of Y-TEENS VI on my personal growth and development..Without Y-TEENS VI and the aid they have gotten from the community, I wouldn't have been able to have these life changing experiences otherwise.
Makeda-Elizabeth Cabey
I had amazing mentors who helped my academic achievements. These mentors pushed me through my life journey and made me believe that I can do anything with hard work and determination.
As a young lady Y-TEENS VI INC has changed my life for the better and I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything.
Breanni Perkins
Deja-Marie Simon portrait
My favorite memory of Y-teens VI INC, was our John Maxwell Youth Conference Trip to Orlando Florida. It was a leadership conference filled with teenagers from all over the country coming together to learn about leadership, building yourself image and understanding that you can turn failure into success. I felt that the advice I received at the conference taught me how to achieve success and to learn from the failures I had in life.
Deja-Marie Simon
Rieka Audain portrait
Joining the YWCA VI has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have met so many wonderful people and have been able to learn more about the issues facing women and girls. Through my involvement, I have become more passionate about social justice and have gained the confidence to speak out about issues that I care about.
Ms. Rieka Audain
Desiree Burton Obi graduation portrait
I sometimes wonder where I would've been without the lessons of comradery that I learned being a part of Y-TEENS VI. The patience that I learned I use while interacting with my children and children in general; with my family and friends and others also. The Teamwork and team-building that we were exposed to has helped me to excel in formal meetings, other organizations, and in workplaces. The focus that Y-TEENS VI had on the importance of education has helped me to keep striving to learn more and continue to hone in on my skills every day. I am truly blessed to have had what I call "The Y-TEENS Experience".
Desiree Burton-Obi
Celine David Portrait
The impact that Y-TEENS VI has had on my life was and still is that I know that I can do anything I put my mind towards. That it is okay to get out of your comfort zone to break barriers, and always strive for excellence.
Celine David

Empowering Leaders, Shaping Change-Makers

At Y-TEENS VI INC., our youth programs are more than just activities; they are a holistic journey towards empowerment. We embrace a whole person approach, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of each young woman we serve.

Girls Do Tech

In our "Girls Do Tech" program, we inspire young women to embrace STEM fields, building a strong foundation for leadership and innovation. By nurturing their skills and passion in technology, we're shaping a generation of confident, empowered future leaders.

Girls in Engineering

"Girls in Engineering Sessions" are designed to ignite the passion for engineering in young women. By embracing STEM, we nurture their potential to excel academically and become change-makers in the field, fostering a brighter future for all.

Youth Get Fit Mental Health and Wellness Day

Through our "Youth Get Fit Mental Health and Wellness Day," we provide young women with essential tools for emotional and physical well-being. Our focus on mental health empowers them to lead themselves effectively and positively impact their communities.

Youth Speakers and Confidence Building Club

In the "Youth Speakers and Confidence Building Club," we equip young women with the confidence and skills to become powerful communicators and leaders. Our mission is to empower them to lead effectively, influencing positive change in their world.
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Face painting at fit event
Girls at speaking conference
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