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Fostering Leaders, Shaping Futures
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Empowering and engaging girls and young women in the US Virgin Islands and the Virgin Islands diaspora through personal growth and leadership development. We emphasize building self-confidence and awareness through life skills training, public speaking, and leadership in STEM, fostering ongoing mentorship through our Big Sister/Little Sister Programs.

Vision Statement

A future where every girl and young woman is empowered, confident, and a catalyst for positive change, shaping a world where their potential knows no bounds.

Y-TEENS VI INC. has been shaping the destinies of girls and young women since 2008.

Over the years, we've evolved, conducting outcome-based programs and partnering with non-profits on various educational, entrepreneurship, and personal development initiatives.

Y-TEENS VI INC. emerged from a vision to create a safe space where girls and young women could pursue personal goals, become leaders, and change-makers while reaching their highest potential. It's a story of empowerment, resilience, and the belief that every young woman has the power to create her reality.

At Y-TEENS VI INC., we believe in a whole person approach to youth programming. We integrate a trauma-informed approach, addressing emotional, social, spiritual, and academic needs. Our emphasis on developing the highest potential in body, mind, and spirit means empowering young women to lead themselves effectively, impacting others and the world around them. Our core values include self-awareness, empowerment, leadership, diversity, and the unwavering belief that positive actions shape one's reality.

Meet Our Leadership

Passionate about empowering girls and young women, our experienced leadership team is committed to youth development, education, mentorship, and advocacy. Together, we aim to cultivate a nurturing environment, enabling every young woman to flourish and reach her full potential.

Donnalie Edwards-Cabey

Founding President & Executive Director
With over two decades of experience in youth work and leadership development, Donnalie Edwards-Cabey is a trailblazer in shaping the next generation of global leaders and changemakers. As the Founding President and Executive Director of Y-TEENS VI INC, she brings a wealth of expertise in youth program consulting and regional youth leadership. A certified Parenting, Family, and Youth Coach, Donnalie is dedicated to helping children and youth realize their full potential. Her commitment extends to executive leadership and mindset coaching, with a focus on providing training, facilitation, and speaking services.

Monique Simon

Youth Facilitator, CFO & Treasurer
Energetic member with years of experience in health and fitness. Monique Simon is dedicated to youth empowerment in physical and mental health. Certified in Leadership and Mentoring, she brings her knowledge and expertise for various organizations. As a youth facilitator, CFO and treasurer of Y-TEENS VI INC, Monique has dedicated herself to helping the children of her community and beyond.
Desiree Burton Obi graduation portrait

Desiree Burton-Obi

Administrative Assistant
As one of its older alum, I am proud that I was fortunate enough to have been a member of Y-TEENS VI Inc. and now an alum, co-facilitator, board member, and employee of such an inspiring organization. Even as an adult, Y-TEENS VI is still, by the grace of God, working on me and my life and making an impact in everything I do. From the positivity and generosity that is embedded in me as a person to the love of teamwork and networking and just the idea of togetherness between a group of people who welcome change in the most amazing ways.

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Empower Young Women to Lead, Transform, and Inspire. Your Support Sparks Change.

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